Whitney Biennial: Quiet As It's Kept

July 06, 2022

Every two years, the Whitney Museum of American Art puts together a survey of work across all mediums.This year's show features sixty-three artists. The title, Quiet As It's Kept, refers to things that may be obvious but are kept a secret or otherwise not discussed. It's interesting to think about this idea in the light of current society; the way COVID was/continues to be handled, racial injustice, and the political and cultural landscape. Most, if not all of the work presented in the Biennial touch on these themes in some form, yet they differ vastly from one another. From small drawings to moving sculptures to an immersive video accompanied by fans, each room of this exhibition is unique.
Joseph Stella
Nativity, 1919-20
Oil pastel and oil on paper
E. E. Cummings
Noise Number 13, 1925
Oil on canvas
Elie Nadelman
Standing Female Figure, 1925-26
Max Weber
Chinese Restaurant, 1915
Oil, charcoal, and collaged paper on linen
Pamela Colman Smith
Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Deck, 1909 (printed c. 1920-30)
Tarot cards
Isamu Noguchi
Paris Abstraction, 1927-28
Gouache and graphite pencil on paper
Claes Oldenburg
Giant Fagends, 1967
Canvas, urethane foam, wire, wood, latex, and melamine laminate
Franz Kline
Mahoning, 1958
Oil and paper on canvas
Denyse Thomasos
Jail, 1993
Acrylic on canvas
Left to right, top to bottom
Yasuo Kuniyoshi
Landscape, 1924
Oil on linen

Oscar Bluemner
Last Evening of the Year, 1929
Oil on composition board

Stuart Davis
Early American Landscape, 1925
Oil on canvas

Katherine Schmidt
The Snake, 1932
Oil on linen

Rockwell Kent
The Trapper, 1921
Oil on canvas
Rebecca Belmore
Prototype for ishkode (fire), 2021
Clay and bullet casings
Hyaline Seed(Isle of Vitr∴ous), 2022
Oil on aluminum panel
Ivy Kwan Arce & Julie Tolentino
Kiln and fire-polished glass, raw diamond-cut glass, rear-etched mirror, steel, and QR code
ECHO POSITION:Satellite Contact, 2022
Four light instruments, digital data collectors, relay program, four lost-wax method glass robs, steel, and mirror
Jane Dickson
99¢ Dreams, 2022
Acrylic on felt
Jane Dickson
Motel 5, 2019
Acrylic on felt
Ralph Lemon
Selection from an untitled series, 2015-22
Pao Houa Her
Untitled from My Mother's Flowers, 2016
Emily Barker
Kitchen, 2019
thermoformed PETG plastic cabinets, rivets, wooden base
Alejandro “Luperca” Morales
Juárez Archive, 2020-
Magnifying Keychain containing 35mm slides
Alia Farid
Palm Orchard, 2022