Tuesday In Love Nail Polish Swatches

August 20, 2020

Tuesday in Love is a Muslim-owned cosmetics brand most-known for their permeable nail polishes. Permeability is important for Muslims because we need water to pass through to the nail bed to complete wudhu, or ablution, before prayers. While other halal-certified nail polishes only claim to be “breathable” (like a contact lens), Tuesday in Love polishes actually let water through, which makes them superior in my book.

I first reviewed Tuesday in Love when they sent me a few of their nail polishes to try out. I tested out whether their formula truly allows water to pass through (spoiler, it DOES!). Since then, I bought a couple more shades for my collection because I genuinely liked the product and the brand. In case you missed it, my first post testing permeability contained an error that led me to believe it was not as permeable as it should be. Upon seeing my review, the company emailed me and explained the scientific reasons why my experiment didn’t work and what I could try instead. I was so impressed by this because I have always believed that a good product should be able to withstand questioning. It should be able to hold up against negative feedback. That’s what Tuesday in Love did and that’s why they’ll always have my business. Furthermore, they always donate a portion of their profits to charity. Usually, the money goes to Islamic Relief Canada, but during the month of June, they donated proceeds from every sale to the Black Lives Matter Toronto chapter.

Recently, they sent me a few more shades to swatch for them, so here they are!

desert rose 1 desert rose 2

This is my favorite color out of every nail polish I own. I love wearing nude nails and this is a great shade on brown skin.

by my side 1 by my side 2

This is a pink-toned nude that I see myself wearing a lot in the future. It dries a little darker than how it looks in the bottle, but it’s still a great color, IMO.

truffle 1 truffle 2

A pink-ish shimmery nude. This is a little sheer with just one coat, so two coats are necessary for full coverage. You can also experiment with putting one coat over a coat of any colored nail polish. Try not to exceed two or three coats in total if you still want to retain permeability.

heat 1 heat 2

A warm, bright red with a barely-noticeable shimmer. This is not as opaque as the other reds I’ve tried, but it’s not quite sheer either.

lust 1 lust 2

This is a slightly darker red than Heat but stills falls in the “true red” category for me. I’d even go so far as to say its the perfect red.

a deeper love 1 a deeper love 2

A Deeper Love is a very dark, almost burgundy red. This shade looks so different on varying skin tones. Click the color name above to see some other swatches!

rosy cheeks 1 rosy cheeks 2

This is a super bright, early-2012-Nicki Minaj shade of pink. I don’t wear this too often because I don’t like the cool undertones of this pink, but it’s great for the occasional bold mani.

puppy love 1 puppy love 2

Puppy Love is a light, powdery Tiffany blue shade on me. In the bottle, it looks like it has a slight green tint, but dries down to a fully blue color.

be mine 1 be mine 2

THIS is the color that looks the most different after it dries. In the bottle, it passes as a pinkish purplish shade, but on the nails, it takes on a dark purple neutral color.

autumn sunset 1 autumn sunset 2

Despite the name, this is the perfect summer shade for me! It looks like a bright orange in the bottle, but on the nails (and in sunlight) it takes on a more saturated, almost neon shade.

magic forest 1 magic forest 2

I don’t wear a lot of green on my nails, but this is a nice blue-ish green. It’s completely opaque in a couple of coats. I see myself wearing this more often for nail art instead of all over the nails.

Shades marked with * are gifted, but as always, all opinions are my own.

What are your favorite colors to wear on your nails? Be sure to check out Tuesday in Love's website to see their full collection! They have a lot more shades than I showed here, so you’re sure to find something you’ll like 🙂